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A Grower’s Life – The Harvest

In Brice, Winemakers on December 5, 2009 at 1:30 am

In late August, when most French people come back from holiday it is time for me to think about the harvest. One of the most important moments of the year for a producer. is not Jeremy Clarkson

One month before the harvest, every Monday and Thursday, we are picking up 10 grapes in each parcel of our vineyard to check the degree of alcohol and acidity. When we have around 9.5,10 degrees of alcohol inside the grapes, we can start this long awaited moment. This year, we started on the 14th September. It is a family harvest for champagne Brice. My brother Jean-René manages the winery and I manage the vineyard with the precious help of our old and very French “Mehari” car touring the vineyard.

The Mehari is here... so should be the boss

After a long day of picking it is my aunt who manages the most important place after the winery, the kitchen. During the whole harvest she will be cooking for the 30 members of our team and her food is gorgeous. Of course we couldn’t match this food of Terroir without a glass of champagne or of our Bouzy rouge red wine.

The harvest 2009 was fantastic, the weather was beautiful, the quality and the quantity of the grapes were excellent. This looks promising. Hoping that next year will be as good I would like to let you know that if ever you are in the area at that time feel free to pass by so I will show you around. For now the first fermentation has started and next time I will tell you what is happening in the world of Champagne Brice.

A Bientot



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