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Zero Dosage !?!?!

In Champagnes, Winemakers on January 21, 2010 at 1:06 pm

Big changes in the Champagne world! It looks like the Grande Marques are getting inspired by the small growers.

For the novices, “non dose” champagne is a wine which has not been added any sugar (Called liqueur de tirage) in its process. The amount of sugar contained in a champagne bottle will determine if the wine will be a Brut, Demi-Sec or Ultra Brut.

The Zero Dosage is a category on its own as no sugar at all has been used. Most Bruts are having a level of 6g/sugar per litre of wine.

But a question remains. Why?

In the quest of making the best champagne for gastronomy many wine makers have chosen to get the best expression of the grape. That is why most non-doses are Blanc de Blancs. One of the most prominent advocates of this method is LARMANDIER – BERNIER who has impressed many with their amazing range. In the case of the Rose de Saignee you will find the pure expression of Pinot Noir. So much that it could be mistaken for a “Bubbly Burgundy”.

Today many more champagne growers are using this method. Philipponnat is one of them.

With this trend growing within the small producers club it was about time the big boys would do the same. So we learnt this week that after Ayala and Duval-Leroy it is Louis Roederer who will produce a Zero Dosage based on its 2006 vintage. Verdict next year!

We encourage you to taste it and give it a chance. If you can’t wait, feel free to go to the original now.


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