The Champagne Boutique

Eric Zwiebel prepares for the French Pre-selection

In Sommeliers on April 19, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Eric Zwiebel, Master Sommelier and UK best sommelier, is training to compete to become the French candidate for the Best Sommelier of Europe in November on his own turf in Alsace in the European city of Strasbourg.

Next Saturday Eric will compete alongside French best sommeliers including Best Sommelier of the World finalist David Biraud.

“It will be the most exiting pre-selection ever as both David and I have already competed at World level!” says Zwiebel.

The pre-selection will be held in Paris and candidates will be tested on various subjects such as wine making, wine tasting, service situation, food and wine matching as well as some more precise fields like tea, coffee, cigars and even chocolate.

It is a very important competition as there has not been a French winner for some time now.

This week Eric will be revising all his wine regions, appellations and grape varieties from the whole world and will taste with former UK best sommelier Nicolas Clerc.

For the past weeks Eric has been perfecting his palate and service skills in Nice with Frank Thomas, best sommelier of Europe and in Hampshire with Gerard Basset now Best Sommelier of the World.

We wish all the best to Eric and will keep you posted of his success.


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