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That thing with Grower Champagnes

In Champagnes on April 26, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Last month I opened a bottle of Grande Marque champagne for the aperitif as I was visiting friends at the last minute. I don’t want to complain but I think my palate has been spoiled by Grower Champagnes. For over three month now I have been tasting new houses which have been recommended to me by people such as Pierre Larmandier and Eric Zwiebel, I must have tasted some 100 different champagnes! The latest house was Leclapart, a biodynamic house with stunning chardonnays.

So at my friend’s house we popped the cork and Oh My God it was disappointing!

More like a grape juice with fizz! No depth, no length, this burning sensation on the stomach…a total disaster.

So I decided today to tell the truth that Grower’s Champagne and small houses are far better and promise myself not to buy anymore of this odd big brands stuff.

This is no pompous comment but it is really a fact that we have been ripped off by large volume champagnes on the quality statement. Thanks God some houses are making fantastic Grande Cuvees. I am talking of Krug, Dom Perignon, Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle of other Grande Dame, but at what price!

I believe it is time for the public at large to take consideration into those small wine makers, which are putting so much passion in their range and producing purely fantastic bottles.

Take Andre Jacquart by example, their vineyards are situated in the Cote des Blancs, their wine maker takes pride in using new Burgundy oak in the process and uses quite low dosage and they produce amazing champagnes matching the quality of the one listed below for less than half of the price (Andre Jacquart Vertus Experience £35.00 Only!).

So my final words will be GO FOR IT, it worth every penny!


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