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Grower Champagnes only for the Best!

In Events on May 12, 2010 at 10:30 am

Some might say that our crusade against giants that are the grande marques is a huge challenge but every day brings its little ray of sunshine.
Today we have been sent an internet link to the best restaurant of the world’s wine list and guess what…there are mostly growers champagnes on offer!
This restaurant is NoMa. Based in Copenhagen and headed by Rene Detzepi its name derivates from two Danish words which are Nordic and Mad (Food) it is at the forefront of fine dining in the world by re-visiting Scandinavian gastronomy.
The sommelier Pontus Elofson has created a very well balanced and innovative wine list to match the food of the chef.
The layout is traditional and very surprisingly there is no place for the New World as most of the wines are from France, Italy and Spain with a bit of German also.
The first page sets the tune with three whole pages of…growers champagne ONLY (Except one or two)!
Organised by crus (In cru I mean villages) it start by Premier Cru Cumieres with Georges Laval, then Trepail with Leclapart and finish the journey with Vouette et Sorbee in Buxieres. On the list you will find only prestigious names such as Jacques Selosse, Benoit Lahaye, Jerome Prevost or Larmandier-Bernier which features the whole range of the house.

We truly hope that more and more Sommeliers will take the opportunity of featuring mostly small champagne houses with personality and should take NoMa as a benchmark for Europe and the UK of a well-managed and innovative conversion.

Cheers to that!



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