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The Champagne region has around 15000 wine growers in total. A great majority of them are selling their wines to what we call the “Grandes Marques”. A few of them choose another direction. Strong of their Terroir, some winemakers are producing and creating their own wines with grapes from their family ownedvineyards or from some of friends and other family members guarantying a unique traceability of their products.

Mostly situated in the best villages that are Premier and Grand cru they apply much specialized wine making techniques which can be organic, biodynamic or even from Burgundian influence. With very low yield they really focus on the quality of their champagnes and are producing a very limited number ofbottles every year. Praised by sommeliers and wine connoisseurs around the globe and rated 90/100 or plus by great wine tasters such as Robert Parker these houses are now considered to be the new Elite of champagne and benefit of the best value for money in champagne today. In fact most of their champagnes can rival the best known top cuvees for a fraction of the price and always guarantee a tremendous champagne experience reviving the fact that “Champagne is wine!”

We are delighted to present you today some of the most refined houses in our portfolio from Andre Jacquart to Tarlant.

Andre Jacquart, Vertus

Andre Jacquart is a family owned Champagne house based in Premier Cru village of  Vertus on the Cote des Blancs led today by brother and sister Benoit and Marie Doyard.

Tipped to become one of the leading winemakers in Champagne their speciality in oaked chardonnay made from 11 hectares of  vines from the grand cru village of Le Mesnil sur Oger is what make them famous.

Their range of rich and subtle wines is praised by gastonomes all around the world and their “Mesnil Experience” does not have to blush against a Jaques Selosse or even a Salon.

The range has been tasted for us by Gerald Desmousseaux. here

Couleur Doyard Website HERE

Brice, Bouzy

Praised by Champagne aficionados around the globe the Brice House is THE specialist of Grand Cru and is led today by brothers Jean-Rene and Remi.

Their no nonsense approach to wine making gives the opportunity to the range to express what Champagne should be from four main Grand Crus villages that are Ay, Bouzy, Cramant and Verzenay.

With great value for money the house is listed in many top restaurants in Britain.

Our heart goes for the rose which is very fruity and jammy!

The range has been tasted for us by Mathieu Germond, head sommelier of two Michelin stars Pied a Terre. HERE

Champagne Brice Website HERE

Bruno Paillard, Reims

Bruno Paillard is a young champagne house that has only been producing since the early 1980’s. To start a

champagne house in the last 20th century was considered madness by the Champenois but through

hardwork, perservence, a dedication to selecting only the best grapes from independent growers and strict

controls on the winemaking process, he has managed to produce some truly amazing, fine, delicate

champagne loved by many including top chefs in the like of Joel Robuchon.

Tasted for us by award winning master sommelier Xavier Rousset, the range is simply impressive. HERE

Bruno Paillard Website HERE

Dehours, Cerseuil

Jerome Dehours is an artist. He is a Master of Meunier, Master of Zero Dosage, unique in his use of oak barrels and generally bottle wine without filtering, to make sure that they keep their “original substance”.

Situated in the middle of the southern side of the Marne Valley in the village of Cerseuil the family runs 42 wine parcels since over four generations.

Their champagnes are very refined and rare and evolve around the notion of Body, Heart, Spirit and Soul.

The house has been listed now on the best wine lists in the UK in just a year.

Don’t miss out on one great opportunity to be truly

astonished and we strongly recommend you to invest in the rose which will soon become a one off collector item.

Discover the range HERE

Champagne Dehours Website HERE

Delamotte, Le Mesnil sur Oger

The venerable Champagne Delamotte is the sixth oldest Champagne house in the region. Located in the heart

of the Côte des Blancs, Delamotte was one of the first producers to recognize this region for its potential to grow

grapes of superb quality.

Delamotte wines are made with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and the house is considered

a small house, benefiting from a smaller production, which allows the Terroir of the vineyards to be expressed, as

well as the ability to blend the wines from these vineyards to produce only exceptional Champagne.

Discover the range HERE

Champagne Delamotte Website HERE

De Sousa & Fils, Avize

Érick de Sousa symbolizes the qualitative explosion of the best growers Champagne of these 20 last years, and it

is what explains its place on the best wine lists.

It exacerbates the force of the soil.

Established in the middle of the Cote d

es Blancs, its Champagne is resulting from the classified soils of Grands Crus villages of this particular area.

Strong of 9.5 hectares of vine mostly plated with Chardonnay, De Sousa is a leader in Biodynamy culture in order to improve the health of the vines years after years.

Érick de Sousa chose to harvest the latest possible and practice malolactic fermentation in order to make the wines rounder and suppler.

He is on the top of the pyramid as rightly state Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier of the World 2007.

The range has been tasted for us by award winning master sommelier Matthieu Longuere from Michelin star La Trompette. HERE

Champagne De Sosa & Fils Website HERE

Eric Rodez, Ambonnay

Eric Rodez focuses very much on the art of Terroir, vine age & oak.

Based in the grand cru village of the town of which he is the Mayor that is Ambonnay, Rodez owns 7 hectares divided in 55 plots.

Having worked extensively in many other

regions of France including Burgundy, taught Eric the importance of oak fermentation, this was re-enforced

whilst working with Henri Krug.

When tasted by sommeliers, feedbacks are always in profusion but only one word

to qualify his work: BIG!

This organic led house is like no other and the complexity of his wine makes it a price worth

paying for a tremendous Champagne experience.

Or simply as an investment as his name will soon be a reference in Champagne.

Discove the range HERE

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