The Champagne Boutique

An Aperitif Dinatoire in Mayfair

In Events on January 27, 2011 at 1:03 pm


Wednesday 16th February 2011

47 Conduit Street – Mayfair – London



“The finest Boutique Champagnes in abundance, the most delicious gastronomy,

a club feel with a live DJ and the most glamorous crowd inLondon!

This is not your average champagne dinner…this is an APERITIF DINATOIRE!”

Welcome drink and matching canapes:

Champagne SOUTIRAN, Ambonnay

Premier Cu Brut N.V.

Cuvee “Alexandre”

Aperitif Dinatoire downstairs with

Champagne Larmandier-Bernier

Premier Cru Brut N.V

Blanc de Blancs

with a “Madame Pompadour” feast of the senses

Live DJ and entertainments!

Tickets £75.00 inc VAT

organised by

Aperitif Dinatoire Ltd.


thanks to


catering by


a special thank you to


(*) An APERITIF DINATOIRE is a fashionable dining concept where champagne takes center stage and is less formal than a champagne dinner. Finger food is created to match each champagne and is in abundance. This can be called an “extended aperitif”.

Tickets £75.00

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