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The Concept of Aperitif Dinatoire


  • What is an Aperitif Dinatoire?

It translates literally in a “Dining Aperitif”. This is a new concept of entertainment where the pre-dinner drinks reception becomes the whole event.

  • What is the origin?

Surprisingly, despite being a very French trend it founds its roots from all over the world. In Spain, Tapas evenings are popular, in Britain the Brunch was very popular in the 70s and the USA are famous for their Cocktail Parties.

  • What makes this concept different?

A definitive new way of entertaining at home where you can prepare all dishes in advance so you can fully enjoy the company of your guests.

  • Where is it held?

It can be organised in the comfort of your sofas and armchairs, in your living room. This gives a feeling of informality and relaxation where everyone feels at ease.

  • How many guests can be invited?

You can invite as many guests as you can cater in your home. Between six and ten people can be invited for a more intimate moment. This will depend of your cooking skills and time the you can dedicate to organise it. This can be arranged at a grander scale by an outside catering company for large events.

  • What do we drink?

Anything really! Champagne would be the drink of choice but you can serve cocktails, wine or even beer.

  • What do we eat?

Very fashionables are “Verrines” (Shot glasses filled with mousses or tartars), Bouchees (One bite preparations), Canapés, “Chinese Spoons” or Brochettes.

For a simple main course you could serve a curry in a bowl or individual fish pies.

  • How much should we prepare?

It depends of the appetite of your guests. We serve between four and twelve snacks per person in general. These are portioned for one mouth full per snack.

  • Can we theme the event?

Absolutely! You can follow the seasons; go for a “Veggie” evening, a “Game” or just an Italian or French dinner.

The decoration of the living room, as well as the choice of music, is entirely yours.

  • Where can I find recipes?

The “foodies” and keen cooks will go on where you will find a great selection of recipes from top chefs to match your favourite champagnes. Otherwise any book on finger food will offer many inspirations.

  • Are there any new trends beyond Aperitif Dinatoire?

“Fooding” is a new trend in France. From the concept of AD many top chefs have organised shows where they display their cooking skills bite size. The idea is to offer an explosion of flavours in one mouthful. This already exists in a way in the UK with the success of the Taste Festival.

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